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I Introduction IX Creating new reports
II New features for this version X Copying a report
III Getting started XI Editing and deleting reports
IV Registration XII Searching your reports
V MMIR Read Access XIII Event Reports
VI Parts analysis reports XIV Address Book
VII Model analysis reports XV Maintaining your account
VIII MMIR Full Access    
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X Copying a Report

If you have several MMIR reports to file; e.g., multiple warranty claims for the same aircraft; and all the reports will be similar (same dates, same aircraft, same part number, etc.), you can now copy a report and just change the appropriate fields, rather than have to type in a whole new report. MMIR V5.0 lets you copy a report to use as the basis for a new report. It's easy and saves a lot of time. There are two ways to copy an existing report to use as the basis for a new report: 1) as soon as you finish one report, or 2) search your existing reports for the report you wish to copy. Let's look at the first option. After you submit or save a report, this menuu appears:


By selecting Copy, you are presented with a duplicate of the report you just entered. You can then amend the fields as necessary, and Submit. You've created a new MMIR! Plus, you can keep doing this process over and over as many times as needed. So if you have been putting off filing reports and now find yourself backed up, it's easy to get caught up...fast.

The other method for copying an existing report is to search for it via the Main Menu. Click on New MMIR from Copy:


The search menu appears. If you have a general idea as to which report you want to copy, you can enter those options in the Comprehensive Search section. On the other hand, if you know you want to copy the only other MMIR that you entered already that day, use Quick Search.


The reports that meet your search criteria will be listed. (see example below) From there, you can view the report to determine if it is the one you want to copy.

! Tip A "Copy" of a report is NOT an edit. MMIR generates an entirely new report, using the information from the report you are copying. The report you are copying from is not affected. To edit or amend, see Chapter XI.
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