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Table of Contents
I Introduction IX Creating new reports
II New features for this version X Copying a report
III Getting started XI Editing and deleting reports
IV Registration XII Searching your reports
V MMIR Read Access XIII Event Reports
VI Parts analysis reports XIV Address Book
VII Model analysis reports XV Maintaining your account
VIII MMIR Full Access    
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I Introduction

If you are reading this, you have everything you need to use MMIR. There is no software to install, no updates to download, no hardware to reconfigure. With just your computer and an Internet connection, you are ready. All updates are automatic and transparent to the user. Data are secure, backed up regularly, and available 24/7.

The MMIR data format has established a standard for reporting Service Difficulty Reports and warranty claims. Industry-wide, data entry is reduced from manual input into four systems to just one, and data entry is faster, easier, and more accurate than it has ever been. Manufacturers, operators, and aviation regulators have quick access to reliability data, a critical component to the continued safe operation of aircraft.

You can learn more about the benefits and history of MMIR by clicking the appropriate links:

The MMIR team at HAI has designed this program to be easy to use without spending a lot of time learning how. In fact, you can start using MMIR right away to submit warranty claims, SDRs, MISs, and generate parts reports. This manual is provided to guide you through aspects about MMIR with which you may find unfamiliar, and to inform you of the many features included in the program that can make your work easier. If you have any questions not answered here, or if you have any comments on how MMIR can be made more useful for your operation, please contact the MMIR team at +1 (703) 683-4646.

II New Features

MMIR offers several levels of system access, including MMIR Read Access, Full Access, and Event Reporting. Now you have the option of selecting which features you want to register for. The registration process has been streamlined considerably, and is specifically tailored for the level of access you choose.

More and more companies are developing and using Quality Assurance programs to monitor and continually improve the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of operations. Some companies are required to do so because of the FARs under which they operate; some do so because it's good for business. MMIR now offers a venue that can be an effective tool to incorporate into or start a QA, CASS, or other safety management system. It's called the Event Report, it's new to MMIR, and you can learn more about it in Chapter XIV.


III Getting Started

To use MMIR, you need to log in with an e-mail and password combination. This means you need to create an account. You create a MMIR account by completing the simple registration process. From the MMIR welcome screen, click on any of the links directing you to registration.


A website User Agreement will be displayed for you to read. Before you begin the registration process, you must agree to the User Agreement.

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