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MMIR Overview

Saving time and money. . .

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Helicopter Association International (HAI) have joined forces to provide the aviation industry with the Maintenance Malfunction Information Report (MMIR) system. The MMIR program is today's solution to the time consuming process of hand writing numerous FAA and warranty claim forms.

MMIR fulfills FAA Service Difficulty Reporting (SDR) requirements and creates manufacturer warranty claim forms. FAA/HAI designed the system to meet the requirements of FARs 145.63, 121.703, and 135.415 when incorporated into approved maintenance and operational programs. Also, MMIR is a standard format accepted by most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their warranty service systems. Users of the program will recognize a savings in time, costs, and a vast reduction in paperwork.

Developed by HAI, the MMIR program is based on the full page, four-copy, self-carboning MMIR form introduced in the 1980s. By utilizing MMIR, maintenance departments have permanent records in a database, which can be manipulated to provide specific cost and reliability information. Records are secure, and the user designates whether the reports are for internal use or sent to the FAA and/or the manufacturer.

The main thrusts of the MMIR program are to enhance aviation safety and to reduce operating costs. Using MMIR, early identification of potentially fatal failures have provided overwhelming positive benefits to the aviation industry. The MMIR program can provide the aviation industry with much needed data that would otherwise be unavailable, enhancing aviation safety while reducing costs!

MMIR is a comprehensive computerized database representing the most up-to-date maintenance information. The MMIR data format has created a standard for reporting service difficulties and warranty claims. Industry-wide, data entry is reduced from manual input into four computer systems to just one, and the one-time data entry is faster and more accurate. Manufacturers and the FAA have quick and easy access to data which is critical to the safe operation of aircraft. Part number analysis reports can be run by any registered user.

MMIR has fully transitioned to a Web-based program. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Establishing your company's account is a simple process. It's easy and free, and there are no obligations other than to discover how well MMIR can serve you. on.