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Welcome to MMIR!

MMIR can simplify your warranty claim process!

Several OEMs are already taking advantage of MMIR's electronic warranty claim submission. There is no charge to you or to your customers.

By accepting MMIR warranty claims electronically, OEMs recognize several benefits. Filing warranty claims electronically reduces the need for manual data entry, creating a reduction in workload and an increase in accuracy. Participating manufacturers supply part number lookup data to facilitate customer claims and to reduce data entry time and errors.

Manufacturers also have access to MMIR's comprehensive database. The information found in MMIR reports can help manufacturers detect incipient problems and complement reliability engineering.

Sound interesting? Give it a try. It's FREE! To find out more about setting up your MMIR OEM account to receive warranty claims electronically, click the button now, or call the MMIR team at +1 (703) 683-4646.