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MMIR Benefits

Operator Benefits
Using the MMIR software to complete SDRs and warranty claims reduces workload tremendously. The program allows the person entering the data to customize the data fields for future use, thus decreasing the amount of time spent entering data. The MMIR software stores key information about the aircraft and engines maintained by the organization, which is available at the touch of a key or the click of a mouse. The program has numerous reporting capabilities, including multiple parameter searches, part and model analysis reports, and inventory reports.

When submitting reports, the completed electronic form is automatically sent (via the Internet) to the MMIR server, where the data will be electronically retrieved by the participating manufacturers and the FAA, where appropriate. MMIR users can query the service to see if problems of a similar nature have been reported by other operators, and the corrective actions taken. The MMIR service will not supply warranty information unless members have indicated that they have no objections to the release of this information.

Advanced statistical analysis of MMIR data is available from AlgoPlus. Their value-added program, HeliSTAT, is an automated system that can enhance MMIR reports to red flag potential problems, track individual aircraft, and produce trend analysis and graphic summaries.

More and more companies are developing and using Quality Assurance programs to monitor and continually improve the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of operations. Some companies are required to do so because of the FARs under which they operate; some do so because it's good for business. MMIR now offers a venue that can be an effective tool to incorporate into or start a QA, CASS, or other safety management program. MMIR offers an Incident Report form. With this feature, your company can keep track of the identification, investigation, and resolution of any issues of your operation. All information in Incident Reports stays within your company; it's not shared with external parties. Only users that you authorize may look at Incident Reports.

Manufacturers Benefits
Participating manufacturers are those who supply part number lookup data (to reduce data entry time and errors) and accept MMIR warranty claims electronically. Filing warranty claims electronically reduces the need for manual data entry, creating a reduction in workload and an increase in accuracy.

Participating manufacturers may download MMIR data for their respective aircraft. This data set is comprehensive, including every data field in the program, and can be used to complement reliability engineering.

MMIR Users
Repair Stations
Certified Technicians

MMIR Features
Provides a case history database.
Detects incipient failures on a real-time basis.
Supplies justification data to extend life limits and/or overhaul times.
Provides fleet analysis in all areas.
Detects problems of similar nature reported by other operators.
Recommends corrective actions where provided by other users.
Information gathered can be an indicator for needed extensions for life and/or overhaul of parts, product improvements and problem areas.

What the Industry has to say about the MMIR . . .
"MMIR enhances safety and reduces operating cost, it is the program that everybody has been waiting for."
Robert F. Lannerd, Aviation Maintenance Consultant

"MMIR is my dream program."
Raylund Romero, Al Inspector PHI

When asked if the MMIR was user friendly?
"It looks as if HAI invented the term. The FAA fully supports HAI's MMIR efforts."
James D. Erickson, Director, FAA Office of Environment and Energy